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        Consultation hotline:010-82384870

        Guixia WANG

        Patent Attorney?
        Phone:(8610)82384870-864 & (8610)13426083934
        WeChat ID:13426083934

        Guixia WANG

        Patent Attorney/ Patent Litigation Attorney

        Email   zhou@haihongjc.com

        Phone   (8610)82384870/62314340/82370871-864


        WeChat ID  13426083934

        Practice Areas: 

        Drafting and prosecution of Patent applications, reexamination, invalidation and infringement lawsuit in fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

        Education & Work Experience

        2004, Graduated from Shandong Agricultural University with a B.Sc. degree in Agricultural mechanization and its automation

        2008, Graduated from University of Political Science and Law with a Master's degree in Law

        From 2008 till now, engage in intellectual property agency work, and specialize in the field of mechanical patent application, reexamination, and invalidation and infringement lawsuit litigation cases.

        2007,  passed the National Judicial Examination

        2009,  passed Patent Agent Qualification Exam 


        Chinese, English

        Memberships & Certificates:

        ACPAA  Member

        ACPAA  Patent Litigation Certificate